Earlier in the year we ordered made to measure curtains from Laura Ashley. They quoted 7 weeks delivery but arrived 5 weeks after our order and have been exactly what we wanted. Following this experience, deciding to place a subsequent order wasn’t a hard decision. We placed the order and waited. And waited. And waited. Returning home today we had an answering machine message from Laura Ashley saying their courier had failed to deliver them after leaving several cards. As we’ve haven’t had a card through the door for the last 8 weeks or so and certainly haven’t had multiple cards, this has left us a little puzzled.

Tomorrow we’ll call Laura Ashley and try and rearrange delivery, but sadly it’s yet another issue with City Link. Yes, the courier company that seems to try harder than any other courier to ruin the reputation of any company using them strikes again 🙁

Just to clarify the situation

  • City Link have delivered to this address before
  • Laura Ashley have the correct address as the previous order arrived here
  • We were here during the period the deliveries allegedly took place
  • Our neighbours were also in continuously during the alleged deliveries
  • City Link routinely leave parcels with them if we’re not in (this is what happened to the previous delivery)

So, why no delivery???