The doorbell rang at 9:05 and there was my new IBM X40 – exactly as it should have been! Nice when things work as they should isn’t it?

So far so good. Windows XP comes pre-installed (my first ever XP installation) and setting up was a doddle while I watched TV from last night. So far the hardest part has been persuading the Buffalo wireless hub to allow me to add the MAC address to my list of permitted! Swift reboot of the wireless hub and all was well again though. Now just to go through the usual routine of updates and installs that every new machine entails.

Initial impressions are very good. It’s very light, small and extremely quiet. I bought the simple X40, so there’s no optical drive at present, but I’m not sure how much of an issue that will be. I certainly don’t intend to do much that requires an optical drive in the immeadiate future.