Over teh last few days I’ve come to teh conclusion that moving my primary OS for my laptop from Windows to FreeBSD. I’ve contemplated it a few times, but have never quite felt ready to take the plunge. The last couple of weeks of playing with various X Windows setups on FreeBSD 5.3 have changed my mind. The battery life is as good if not better than Windows and the desktops are quite usable. The presence of Thunderbird and Firefox also helps as it means I can have one client for my home Windows desktop and Laptop, even if they’re in different OS’s.

2 problems currently exist.

  1. I need to resize my partitions (again) to get more disk space for FreeBSD
  2. I haven’t yet found an X Wiundow setup I like enough to keep! KDE is OK but is huge and the upgrade takes forever. Blackbox is also good for it’s size and simplicity but it’s not apparent to me how I get the various pieces of “eye candy” that I’d like. It’s also not as easy to do things like setting wallpaper.

I’m cleaning off my windows partition now to try and free up some space, then I’ll resize and do a reinstall of FreeBSD (it’s far easier to do than messing with windows installs) and see how I get on.