I noticed that the folks at openbeos (now called Haiku) have made the move to SVN. This should have been good news as it means more people using SVN on BeOS.

Amazingly enough they felt a need to produce their own distribution though! Why I can’t guess. Let’s be brutally honest. There are few enough developers for BeOS/Zeta already without every part of the community doing it’s own thing and producing it’s own version.

I’ve been working with APR since it was started and the BeOS support is pretty good. There are bugs that could be fixed and as I have time or people send me patches I fix them. I did receive a few patches from Ingo but those seem to have dried up now. Some of the patches have been committed (thanks!) while others I wasn’t sure about and wanted more information 🙂

The BeOS community should really be seeking to have a single SVN package that people can grab and install, not one for this project and another for this. SVN is becoming a required tool for developers and the available package should be the best it can be. If this shows how openbeos are currently working with the rest of the community then it saddens me greatly 🙁