I’m finally home! Feels like a long time since I was here, though in reality it’s only been 4 days. When I go away again tomorrow morning it will mark the end of yet another long run of trips – something that used to be a rare occurance but is now becoming the norm. The rostering really needs to get itself sorted out as this level of work isn’t sustainable for long (I’m presently working at 96% of the LEGAL maximum and have been in the 90’s for the last few months).

While in Chicago I managed to see Fitz and finally see his new place which is very cool. His blog details the adventures he’s having with his house and it was nice to finally see the rooms he mentioned in the flesh.

One of the only saving graces with being away so much at present is the noise I’m avoiding. This used to be a really nice peaceful street but as next door are having their extension done it’s turned into a noisy, congested and dusty place. Vans litter the pavements and the noise is relentless at times. Still, I’m home for almost 18 hours this time and it’s not raining so the grass at the back has been cut and I’ve got washing in the machine 🙂 Domestication eh?