Not my favourite thing in the world, but I guess they have their place and some people love them. Problem is they are a spammers dream. You think blog comment and trackback spam is bad – wiki spam is in a whole league of it’s own.

Securing the wiki shouldn’t be hard – the most obvious way would seem to be adding the human veriifcation images – though unless you have recent code they are also now vulnerable. Clifford has often regaled me with his theory of how to beat them, and I’m sure that some clever spammer will soon have such a system up and running, obsoleteing them entirely, but for now they work and don’t require draconian measures like passwords. Problem is how do you add/enable them?

BeClan has been running PHPWiki for a while now and it’s routinely being spammed to death. I tried to upgrade to the latest source, which has the code to have the human verification images, but it’s buggy as anything and the documentation seems to be woefully incomplete.

Anyone have any suggestions for a simple wiki that allows for the above?