What a hopeless company! Their websites are so full of PR and marketing that they’re useless for finding information of any use. When you call them they answer reasonably quickly, but leave you hanging on and are unable to help you. If they weren’t the best of the providers (hardly a ringing endorsement) then I’d change provider…

My current state of bewilderment comes from my attempts to sign up to use Vodafone to pay for Wifi access when travelling. The registration site came up OK, asked me to register, then crashed with a highly generic error code. This was annoying, but when I was told that the only way I could register was to visit a shop or use a windows PC I was stunned. So much for Vodafone being a technology company!

Today, sitting at a Vista powered laptop and about to travel again I thought I’d go to the website and register. Surely this would be easy? No. Apparently the site doesn’t exist – according to the Vodafone website searches at least.

After 2 calls to the customer support lines (the first was disconnected for some reason), they eventually managed to tell me how to find it. The next problem was that my abortive initial attempt managed to create an account, albeit not one that could do anything! How this was possible using an Ubuntu PC but actually registering for the service wasn’t is something that only they can answer.

After calling again to get my password reset it now tells me that I’ve registered. We shall see later on today when I’m next in the airport.