As I’m trying to not use my desktop system (the strange noises seem to grow in number every time I contemplate the power switch) until my new system is nearing readiness (should really get on with arranging that!), I’ve been using the laptop more and more. The 12″ screen is OK wheil on the road, but at home I felt that the larger LCD on the desk and a bigger keyboard would be a better plan.

Having a couple of USB keyboard and mice around, I plugged one in. The results were, initially, mixed. The keyboard “just worked” but the mouse refused to play ball. Eventually I enabled moused with the port /dev/ums0 (in rc.conf) and then rebooted. After some persuasion X now sees and uses the mouse as well, so all is now finally as desired!

One thing that I miss about X is the ability to switch between server layouts while X is running. It may be possible, but I’ve not seen any mention of how anywhere I’ve looked. Guess a little bit of config file hacking is required!