The Ubuntu install on this laptop is now on it’s 3rd version (8.04 having started on 6.10) and it works really well, except it doesn’t want to automatically mount USB media. It used to. Then it stopped.

The problem started at the same time I installed the luks crypto and created an encrypted USB drive. That drive still works well and will automount, but any other form of USB device simply doesn’t. Using gnome-mount from the command line works a treat, but all my attempts to restore the automatic function have failed thus far.

UPDATE: it now seems to be working again, though I’ve not intentionally changed any settings. I’m guessing one of the various system administration apps has changed something when I trawled them again in search of inspiration 🙂 However, it keeps opening F-Spot and I can’t seem to find anyway of getting it to open a different app (of my choosing).