Staying at hotels all over the world I’ve seen all sorts of customer service. Mainly it’s average, not worthy of comment. Sometimes though one hotel stands out from the crowd. Such a hotel is the “Inn at the Ballpark” in Hosuton. If you ever plan of going to Houston, AVOID this hotel at all costs. The service is poor, staff unhelpful and they fail to do even the simplest things they say they will. The standard of service is so far below that expected from even a motel that their pretence of being a “full service” hotel is laughable.

Thanks to their utter incompetence at working a fax machine (hardly a complex task in a hotel you’d have thought) my work schedule for November has been ruined and I’m left with no form of recourse. Although I have to stay there (the company sadly determine such things), I’ll be making quite sure to not rely on the staff for anything important ever again.

Apparently I shouldn’t have been on holiday last week if I wished to have my months work preserved! Incredible. Almost as incredible as the fact that every telephone number I’ve tried to speak to people about this has gone through to voice mail! It’s so nice to work for a company that values and supports me…

Of course being unable to trust the hotel to fulfill even simple requests makes the stay less than relaxing.