On Sunday I went tup to London to see Ben and do some work on some ASF bits & pieces. Leaving home mid-afternoon the journey should have taken about 1.5 hours – well it didn’t! Silverlink Metro have to be probably the worst train company that serves London. Their trains aren’t well maintained and they managed to cancel 2 trains out of 2 that I tried to use! 100% failure. Pretty impressive really.

When it became apparent that a cab would be a sensible solution it took bout 25 minutes to find one who was willing to make the journey. The myth of “cheeky friendly cabbies” is really that – a myth.

Overall it was a very depressing journey that really showed the worst side possible of the transport solutions in London.

The result was a 3 hour journey 🙁 How anyone thinks that London could host the Olympic games is completely beyond me.