No, not the really horrible film currently in cinemas, but the mail client! I’ve swpped to using it as my primary client on windows and for imap it works extremely well. I’ve added a couple of extensions and so now have encrypted mail capability and editing the user files is easy. The differences from OE are very apparent but the fact that it didn’t check every folder for an unread count was initially very annoying (fixed thanks to an addition in user.js). It seems faster and is certainly easier to use. The built in spam filtering also seems to work well and is childs play to use.

While I was initially a little hesitant about the need to edit the .js files to make changes, having done it it’s not as bad as I feared and does provide a nice way of easily changing things round. I’d have to put it in the “advanced” section and for average users it’s not easy enough.

With Firefox and Thunderbird both becoming better and better a life without IE and OE now seems like a distinct possibility.