The saga of my computer goes on! This morning I finally decided to order the bits I wanted from a company reccomended by Thom. They seem pretty good and their prices are very resonable. Order placed without a problem and so far, so good.

Then I get an email – “please fax us a copy of your passport or driving licence”. I first checked the date, but april was a long way past. Then I called. 5 minutes on hold to be told, “No, we really mean a copy of your passport or driving licence”. Apparently, this company “always asks when the order amount is over a certain amount.” I can only stop to wonder that people actually comply with this request?!

I’ve ordered good worth a lot moer money over the web before and never had this sort of request. In fact when I mentioned it to Fitz he asked if I was buying illegal arms! (The answer is no just in case of doubt.)

I received another email justifying their policy as “enhancing security” and “reducing fraud”, but it’s the very ease with which we pass out personal details that makes such activities possible. My passport has no details of use to verify a credit card, nor does my drivers licence. If I were standing in front of them, then I’d say it was fair enough, but I’m at the other end of the country.

The second email did contain an offer to accept a utility bill, so i eventually passed that along and hopefully that will be an end to it.