I bought an SB800 flash quite a few months ago to complement by aging SB24 and to add the new features that make it ideal for off camera work. I wasn’t overly convinced how much I’d use it, but there was a deal on the SB800 that day and I figured it was worth the extra. How right I was! It’s now become a standard part of my bag wherever I go with the camera (which is pretty well everywhere these days). It’s been used in all sorts of places where I’d never have thought of using flash and has resulted in some very cool pictures. Along with a lot of fun, it’s forced me to think about my pictures in a new and different way. Basically it’s been well worth the money!

As I’ve grown more and more used to using the SB800 I’ve started to find places that I wanted another flash, places where the aging SB24 with it’s short off camera lead just doesn’t work. The obvious solution was to get another SB800, so I’m now the proud owner of 2 of these great flashes. work is pretty hectic at present so I’ve not had as much chance to play with them as I’d have liked, but hopefully soon. Will the addition mean better pictures? I don’t know, but I hope so. It’ll certainly give me more flexibility and opportunities. Watch my flickr stream for the answers!