Got home and after a 10 minute wait got a taxi. Traffic wasn’t too heavy so it didn’t take long to get home, but then just as got to my road his phone rang. He answered it as we swerved into the opposite lane! Thankfully the oncoming traffic wasn’t going fast and had room to stop, and he slowed right down as he answered his phone, but it did annoy me a little. Despite now being against the law it was dangerous and stupid. I have a feeling he also charged me too much, but need to check my receipt again just to be sure. 19 hours of travel, many thousands of miles with no incident and then this in the last 10 minutes and 5 miles!

I tried to call the taxi company to lodge a complaint but their phone just rang out, so after a little snooze I’ll call the council and discuss it with them.

Oh, if you’re in Crawley and a Checkers Cab #316 turns up, ask him to turn off his mobile until he’s dropped you!