Like a lot of others I’ve been bitten by the strobist bug. Thankfully there is a small support group in Edinburgh – which met last night to have a session.

The venue was the old ruined chapel on Salibury Crags, Edinburgh. Organising an outdoors event in April in Scotland is always a slightly risky proposition due to the unpredictable weather and last night proved to be no exception. The forecast at the start of the week was for rain and wind – hardly ideal conditions – but by Wednesday it had changed to a few showers and windy. Warning people to wrap up warm, we pressed ahead and had a really enjoyable night.

Does my foot look big in this?

A slideshow of all the pictures can be seen here.

As Rosie and I were both setting up and taking shots it did highlight that despite the (some would say) excessive amount of strobist kit we have, we don’t quite have enough as we kept having to wait for the other to finish. Perhaps a few small purchases will be upcoming to correct this in the coming weeks.

It was amazing to see how much kit the group do now possess though as for much of the evening we had at least 3 simultaneous setups running (1 using PW’s and 2 using skyports for those interested in such things). What was also good to see was an impromptu tutorial session run for a someone who wanted to learn more. 2 of the people attending simply took enough kit and wandered off to one side for around 30 minutes – true peer to peer learning in action.

We’re hoping to make these events a more regular occurrence, but given how cold it was we may have to be more conservative in our locations 🙂 For anyone in the east of scotland who’s interested the organisation is done via the East Scotland Strobist flickr group.