After a year of doing FeatherCast you’d think that Rich and I would have developed a standard way of doing things like the MP3 tags, but we haven’t. We’ve been too busy getting the content and creating the episodes! To be honest it’s not been a priority for me as Audacity seems to not save the tags correctly and has a limited range. Now that FeatherCast is listed on Digg it has started to become more of an issue, especially when I realised we should really be including some artwork in the files. Audacity certainly doesn’t let you do that!

I talked with Toby and Andrew about it at the weekend, but as they’re both MacHeads they couldn’t suggest any apps to help on Ubuntu. Then I stumbled across a page describing the creation process used for another podcast and it mentioned EasyTag. The app is exactly what I need and after installing it seems to be very usable.

The next step is for Rich and I to agree on the tags we’ll be using and create the artwork for the episodes. One thing I’m not sure of though – should we retag the existing files and upload the new versions? It won’t help for those who already have them – you do have them already don’t you? – but it will help all future downloads. Thoughts?