Just upgraded to the latest SlimServer software. I’ve never installed it via the ports tree and usually just leave each version in it’s own directory under my home directory, so did the same this time.

Installing it onto FreeBSD 5.3 wasn’t as smooth as previously as I came across a mild annoyance. The binary mDNSResponderPosix that is included for freebsd requires libc.so.4 which isn’t the libc version on FBSD 5.3. I installed the app from ports and thought that would be it, but the server carried on trying to use the version in it’s Bin directory (with the incorrect linkage). Deleting the supplied version seems to fix the problem.

Installed and working as well as it usually does 🙂 The message telling you how to circumvent the DRM restiction on iTunes music you download is also typical of the state of DRM usage these days. Does anyone still think that it’ll work as the RIAA believes?