It started a few days ago when several channles started being intermittent. They’d suffer from all the usual problems of a poor digital signal, then just stop and pronounce that ‘No satellite signal is being received’. Gradually the number of channels affected has grown to the point it’s a number in double digits. It’s not that I watch a lot of “live” tv, but rather I record the programs I want to watch – having an internittent signal doesn’t help!

Step 1 is to get the alignment of the dish checked (hopefully this afternoon). If there isn’t a problem then it’ll be onto step 2, which will make the whole thing painful in the extreme. Fingers crossed it’s just a plain old alignment issue!

Update: well the dish was the problem! As it had given me a few problems over the years I decided to have it replaced with a new one. Apparently the design I had was attached via a round pole, meaning that it easily lost alignment. The new one has no such problems with a more secure, square shaped attachment to the wall. The signal strength and quality are both far higher than before and all the channels are back.

After replacing the dish he then did a forced software update for the box resulting in a speed boost that is very welcome.

Having had some bad experiences with aerial people it’s good to find someone who seem reliable and does a good job. I’d reccomend Andsat to anyone in Crawley who wants some satellite or aerial work doing!