Just after parking my car at work on Weds I noticed that the indicator on the front nearside wing was hanging out. It was still attached via it’s cable, and still worked, but it wasn’t correctly attached and could just be pulled out!

I’ve had teh car a few months and so decided to take it to the garage and get it checked, find out what was needed to fix and it and how much it would cost. It’s only a small part but as there was evidence of some parts being missing I guessed (correctly) that it would need to be replaced.

I went in, saw the service man who came out, looked at it and then said “I can probably do it under warranty”. I almost fell over. We went back in and he starting taking the details and checking on parts. After a few minutes he went into the back “to talk to them as they’re not answering their phone”. After about 15 minutes I started to wonder what was going on when he appeared saying he’d had the part in stock and had just replaced it!

Service matters. It really does. It’s one reason I bought my car from the garage I did – they had always treated me fairly and their service was good. If only more companies placed such a high regard on service!