last night a large group of us went out to eat. The group numbered 11 so getting a table was a problem, but eventually an italian restaurant said they could accomodate us, but as two tables. This was fine and the tables were next to each other, so all seemed fine.

The service was nowhere near the standard you normally expect in america. At one point I had to go find a waiter as we had been waiting 5 minutes already. The food was passable but certainly not good and represented poor value for money given the prices.

When the bill finally arrived there was an 18% service charge added! That’s the standard when there is a group of 8 or more people, but as we had 2 seperate tables, each with it’s own check we did feel a little annoyed.

As the restaurant is in a place that I’m in a few times a year the performance was such that they won’t ever be seeing my custom again.