It’s rare for me to be ill. I’m lucky in that I normally just muddle along and avoid all the nasty bugs and stuff that others seem to catch. I think the amount of time I spend at the gym is a factor, but eating sensibly is another for sure. When I ended up in Dhaka (Bangladesh for those geographically challenged) I was careful to avoid the foods that are “riskier” in those climes – but all to no avail. What started on the flight home ended about 10 days later and saw me spending a lot of quality time in the smallest room in the house. When it finally cleared up I was very happy!

That happiness now seems a long way behind me as I sit here with what seems like another bout of stomach problems. This time I’ve been spared (so far) the incredibly painful cramps, so it could be it’s not the same bug at all. Who knows? I’m hopeful it’ll be gone soon as I need to get some studying done before my 6 monthly tests again on Wednesday.

Studying while you have a mild headcahe, sore stomach, feel exhausted and seem to ache all over isn’t fun or useful 🙁