After the highs and low of the last coding session, it was heartwarming when after a few minor tweaks I saw this...

Reading direct from the ISS :-)

Now I had readings the next step was to start collecting them and then uploading to Weather Underground via their Personal Weather Station (PWS) network. My initial aim was to get a simple uploader working and then refine the data to slowly add the more complex items as time permits, but this simple task ran into a problem when the upload failed. The "host not found" error was a little odd. Was I connected to the internet?

Of course, there might be a simpler explanation?

D'oh. Reading many of the online weather forums there is much grumbling about the recent change of ownership and some of the decisions they have made.

Not letting this stop the data collection, I moved the code over to the trusty RaspberryPi, hooked up the SDR and ran my simple test app. Nada. No sensor readings appeared.

Hmm, OK. Before I headed back to the drawing board I used the rtl_sdr app to capture 100 seconds of samples.

rtl_sdr -f 868066711-s 268800 -n 26880000 100seconds.cu8

and then looked at the generated file in inspectrum. Voila - the expected transmissions.

Time to debug some code :-)