Cyrus sasl has been a godsend. I’ve been using it for a few years now and it really does provide much needed functionality. I’ve also been cursing it for the last few years! It has one very large and somewhat glaring omission – an inability to handle crypt’d passwords from a database. I’m not about to store passwords in a plain text form, so I have to rely on crypt’d forms for auth checking – which means that I have to patch sasl everytime I want to install it 🙁 That mounts up to a lot of patching and messing around with source over a period when I’m trying hard to move to the ports tree for my system as far as possible.

The reaction of the developers isn’t good on this topic – they throw their arms up and say all sorts of stupid things about wanting solutions… This problem affects a lot of people who use sasl, so isn’t it about time that the core development got off their collective behinds and fixed it for all of us?