This weekend we were both off, so we tried to book a sort getaway. Finding somewhere that appealled and ticked all of our boxes was no easy task and we left it a little late (again) – what’s new eh? In the end we decided not to go too far and booked what we hoped would be a weekend of peace and tranquility – on Kintyre! Neither of us had ever visited the area before,so it presented a lot of new places to explore.

Our accommodation came courtesy of the Landmark Trust, an organisation I can recommend without reservation for anyone in the UK. We stayed in Saddell Lodge, which as it allows dogs meant we didn’t need to find anyone to dogsit Tess. I suspect she enjoyed it as much as we did, or even more given how muddy she ended up 🙂

Relaxing Weekend

More pictures will follow over the next few days.

We returned home today after a thoroughly relaxing weekend.