Yesterday I used Write To Them to send emails to my local MP (Gordon Banks) and MSP (Roseanna Cunningham). I’ve now had responses from both, albeit only a standard “I will reply” email from Gordon Banks.

The reply from Roseanna Cunningham looks like a standard response and includes the following paragraph

*I have made contact with the company proposing this site, who informed me they are consulting with Scottish Natural Heritage, Archaeology Scotland, the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, the Ministry of Defence and Perth and Kinross Council. I sincerely hope that during this consultation period the views of local people are also taken into consideration.

There are now over 100 objections and still not a single comment in support of the application for a temporary 80m monitoring mast. Many of those comments come from people who are her constituents, who voted for her at the last election and who surely have an expectation that she will represent their views at the Scottish Parliament? She finishes her response with the following paragraph.

When an application is made to Perth and Kinross Council, I’m afraid I will not be at liberty to support or oppose the planning application. This is due to my position as a Minister in the Scottish Government.

Her response is certainly not unexpected, but is still a little disappointing. It will certainly be a factor when next I am asked to put a cross on a bit of paper…