mod_sparql took another step forward when I added the ability to configure stores from URI’s. It’s not ideal, but essentially you can now specify the URI’s that should be used to create the data store used for queries within a Location. when configured this overrides any information supplied in the query, which is in line with the W3C specification and makes sense.

I still need to look at adding support for externally created “persistent” data stores which will ultimately be of more use, but my current installation doesn’t have bdb compiled in as Ubuntu seems to not provide the .la files that it requires. I might investigate this at some point.

As it presently stands the module can handle queries as GET or POST requests and can be configured to allow remote queries and file URI’s (default for both is Off). The code is in need of a good review by someone who knows more about writing httpd modules, so if anyone is game drop me a line 🙂