After updating my bluetooth drivers and persuading my USB hardware to work (really must replace that with something that works correctly one of these days) connecting to the phone has become really easy. It’s nice when things work as they’re supposed to.

I installed the python app and installed a test script that ran correctly. I’ve no idea how much I’ll use it but having it there could prove useful.

I then tried to install WLIrc. Their web page says to point your phone at a URL, so I duly entered the URL and hit ‘GoTo’. Denied! Yes, Vodafone have content blocking and to unblock it you have to enter a credit card and allow them to charge you £1. Oh well. I entered the details and got a text telling me I was in control of my phone! Nice to know, eh? The link still wouldn’t work, so I downloaded the zip and installed the .jar using the Nokia App Installer. WLIrc now runs and I’ve entered details for Freenode. I managed to log on and chat a little, but until I get a bill and find out how they’re charging my usage I’m a little hesitant about spending too much time online.

The data charges were the one aspect of the billing that the guy I spoke to was very hesitatnt to discuss, so I suspect that Vodafone is charging through the roof for them, but all should be revealed when the next bill arrives. The speed of the connection is very fast though, more than fast enough to actually use for surfing or irc.