I’ve been starting to try and get things setup so I can install FreeBSD 5.4 onto the X40 today.

First off was to move dhcp back to the box that runs FreeBSD. Not a big deal. Then alter the config to include the various bits needed for tftp. Again, not a huge problem.

Next I had to get NFS running. The instructions I had were missing running rpcbind, so until I decided to look at the handbook it didn’t work. It does now work though and nfs & mountd are running.

The tricky part seems to be to get the relevant files in the correct place. All the web pages I can find are for versions of FreeBSD so old that they refer to tools no longer used or files that have been moved. I’m not trying to do anything fancy, so the lack of a simple how to seems strange.

I have now managed to get the X40 to netboot but without a suitable config it just stops after initially loading. This is progress though 🙂