The original code that I cobbled together to provide an aggregated feed for BeClan was always a little on the ropey side and didn’t like some people’s feeds regardless of how correctly formed they were. Thom used the Planet code (written in python) for his Planet Apache site, prompting me to look at the whole business in the first place. As the Planet code seems to work I decided to have a look and yesterday got it running well enough to swap over to use it for BeClan, creating Planet BeClan in the process.

I’ve changed some of the criteria for what to include as now the feeds work better when there is nothing but a headline it looks strange. Also I’ve bumped the BeBits feed as every other beos site you come across has it and while I value the efforts of everyone out there, I don’t really think people want to read about every release. I’m hoping that with the feeds we have now that more people will start adding theirs. The BeZilla Blog works well and has certainly renewed my interest in their progress!

After finding slaad & Yak online I’ve managed to get the adding/removing of catalogs figured out, so BePackager now handles it correctly. Next step is to add the view for the packages installed and look at the actual install process in more detail. Coupled with this should really be the start of an app to create packages, but I only have so much time in my day 🙂