After almost 2 weeks off being back at work was strange, but within minutes it felt like I’d never been away! Funny how that always seems to be the case isn’t it? It did kick start me to carry on working on the packager though and thanks to some input from Mikael Eiman I amanged to find and fix a few bugs. The result is that after building from svn he was able to install a package, so things are heading the right way!

There is also a simple uninstall, though it needs some work yet.

The latest work does mean that I need to review how we specify the version of BeOS/Zeta is being used and the package list tailored suitably. Hopefully a simple solution can be found.

I’ve also started thinking again about libpeople and developing that to provide more functionality. My idea at present is to use it as a basis for a new People app as it’s one of my personal bigbears that the supplied one is so poor. Slaad is developing Snoopy to do generic attribute viewing, but I want more from a People app than he’s offering and I think there is more than enough room for both given their nature.

Current plan is to look at adding the maintainer and dependancy code over next couple of days, then adding some test packages that use them. Somehow writing the actual package creator app keeps slipping away from the immeadiate agenda – though it HAS to be done before long!