I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with the sun. My skin is typical of my heritage – fair. When exposed to the sun it doesn’t turn the goldn brown that others do, it goes red and freckly! From an early age I’ve been aware of the pain that the sun can cause and so tend to stay covered up when out in the sun.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve got better at applying enough sun cream in all the right places to avoid getting too burnt, but sometimes it just isn’t enough. Such was the case while in Tampa. For some reason the cream and precaustions I took just didn’t work for my feet. The rest of me is fine, but my feet and ankles got a nasty dose of sunburn and are still painful now. Bending the left foot isn’t a good idea at present, though it has started to ease slightly.

Puzzlingly enough the left foot also reacted by swelling up and is still quite swollen today. The swelling makes it hard to wear shoes, which makes walking even harder!