So, the moral of today’s adventure is as follows – “if you think that you’ll need to read an email offline make sure it’s selected for offline reading if you use IMAP!”

I’ve just swapped my ADSL to Zen and the cutover took place yesterday while I was away. I hadn’t bothered to print out the email containing the details I’d need as I (wrongly) assumed that I had that folder marked as being available offline. Whoops. Thanks to Ben for looking up their phone number and then Zen customer support I’m now back online 🙂

The transition has been very easy, but the presence of a phone “menu” on Zen’s customer support line is a troubling development. I realise that a lot of companies now use them but they are among the most annoying and customer unfriendly devices ever… As long as I don’t need to call very often then I suppose I can live with it as the rest of the service has so far been good.