So, the free ‘nv’ driver that comes with Xorg doesn’t support dual head or dvi output. I’m now starting to really regret buying the nVidia card. According to a few of the sites I’ve read the free ‘ati’ driver supports dual head and so had I bought an ATI card I#d be sitting here using both screens instead of just the one!

It’s so frustrating when a large company acts in such a silly protectionist way. the whole point of open source is to remove these sort of barriers, not provide a marketing platform that a company can “embrace” in a half hearted way as nVidia have. I’ve long believed that only by people refusing to buy products from such companies will they mend their ways, a truth that now seems truer than ever.

As the hardware manafactururers are desperately trying to get us all to think about “trading up” into newer hardware they should be actively supporting the various operating systems out there to ensure they perform well on their hardware. Documentation is really all most projects want. Not NDA encumbered documentation, but free, usable by all documentation to let those with the time, ability and desire write drivers for the hardware to get the most from it. Is that really so much to ask for???