It was finally time. The reduced battery life on the 6630 was starting to annoy. It’s failure to allow me to install Jargoing was the final straw, so I spoke with Vodafone. The phone I thought I wanted was the N80, but that’ no longer available and despite Toby & Andrew liking it, savs hasn’t been overly positive and the no-one I’ve spoken to at Vodafone rated it either. They offered me an E65, which after a perusal of it’s specs I agreed to. A decision I’m more than happy with.

Nokia E65

The phone seems like a real return to form for Nokia. It has a fantastic solid feel and the slide motion is extremely positive. I’m still getting a small kick every time I answer a call by flipping it open! (It’s the small things…) The on board feature set is good and the WiFi support works very well. It runs the latest Symbian S60 and so the bundled web browser is very good with lots of nice little features.

Jargong installed and works quite well. It’s nice to have a full AIM client on the phone for those days I need it. Sky Mobile didn’t install as the Sky website was moaning about something, but hopefully it’ll happen soon. I rarely use it, but having it is useful just in case.
Of course it’s not prefect. When I close the slider it asks if I’d like the keypad locked – why can’t I set this to be the default? It should just happen automatically. The change of charger to use their newer tiny jack means I can’t use the chargers I’ve collected over the last few years, but adapters are available. Why wasn’t there one with the phone? Might have been a nice touch. Maybe I should bother Vodafone 🙂