It’s finally arrived at the time to get a new laptop and retire my trusty old Vaio. It’s done sterling service, been dragged around all over the world for the last 5 years, gone through 2 batteries and has generally provided excellent service to me. It’s just that it’s getting old and it’s not coping as well as it used to (a familiar feeling to many I suspect)!

A while back I saw Thom’s IBM X40 and it looked like the replacement I’d been seeking. It’s light, small and seems like a perfect replacement for the Vaio. I’ve put off ordering one for the last few months, but after some less than enjoyable periods of waiting for the Vaio to do simple tasks in Orlando, I decided it was time.

The next task should have been simple – find a reasonable price and purchase one!

How many ecommerce sites are there that don’t work? Apparently a lot! Long waits for simple pages, timeouts, lack of information about what should be entered into a field…the list goes on and on. Given the sum of money I’m spending it would seem as though the sites should really work a little better, shouldn’t it?

Hopefully the wee beastie should be here Saturday (having paid extra to avoid waiting an extra 3 days) 🙂