I’ll admit it, I’m rubbish at naming things. I tyhink I hung out with Ryan too long and caught whatever he was infected with as neither of us can name things worth a damn. The present dilema is for butter’s templates.

Presently you define a template that tells butter how to build a type of object, eg a shared library, static library, executable etc. Part of this definition is the ability to specify what happens you try and use these objects and how they should be added to the build line. The system works reasonably well for simple builds but now I’m looking to expand it into more complex situations and it’s not standing up to the test. The best solution seems to be to allow a variable number of “sections” to be added, each with different names for their differing actions. The simple cases are really build & install. Do the names “UseBuild” and “UseInstall” make sense? Grrr, maybe one day I’ll get better at this naming stuff!