Traveling as much as I normally do, sleeping in strange beds doesn’t normally phase me, but for some reason the bed I used while on holiday didn’t allow me to sleep as well as I normally do. It was with much relief, therefore, that I climbed into my own bed last night! Bliss… A solid 8 hours sleep later and the world seems a happier place again. Maybe the euphoria of the holiday is still with me?

The holiday is over, but I have a lot of pictured that I need to sort through and stick onto the website and the usual array of bills and household matters to deal with before work starts again later in the week.

After the distaster of an Exodus holiday a few years ago the recent experience of a near perfect holiday does a lot to renew my faith in Exodus as a company. The entire group seemed to have booked at the last minute but our fantastic guide, Roger, did us proud and provided a great holiday.