So, tried to order my dad’s birthday present from an online retailer and found yet another site that really hasn’t quite got their act together. It’s usual to have a billing and delivery address, but at no point was I asked for the delivery address! I don’t want it! I want it to be delivered to my dad’s address as otherwise I have to lug it there at some point in the future – not ideal.

I then tried to call their phone number and got one of those stupid “we’re experiencing a high volume of calls” messages that really just means they don’t employ enough staff or have all gone for a drink at the pub as the sun is shining.

When I went to enter my actual credit card details it opened a “kiosk” style window, that was so small I couldn’t see most of the fields I wanted. What’s wrong with permitting scroll bars or letting me resize the window? It would make life so much easier…

Update: 20 minutes after sending an email complaining they called me back and so hopefully it will now be delivered to the correct place.