Well, following the work during the week I’ve managed to get the domain munging to a point whereby using beclan.org as a domain for emails is now not only possible but a reality! The biggest gain is the ability of mailing lists to now be added @beclan.org which is soemthing I’ve had on my ToDo list for quite some time.

Configuring SVN to work with mailing lists for commit messages is nice and easy thanks to the python scripts that ship with it, though getting them just right has taken a few attempts. The imkit was the first project to gain it’s own list and Mikael is now looking after that himself.

Allen seems be making progress on getting the old da_hood whipped into shape, though Nettle seems to have a few issues that are causing trouble. he’s hoping to spend some time and write a test suite for it, which will be good. Adopting a test suite app is always a tricky choice but I agree with Ryan’s choice of CuTest for APR (though as I wrote this he was busy rewriting the test suite into a new tool!) and as we thErefore know it builds on BeOS it might well be worth looking at for this as well. In fact it’s probably a useful thing to make available for all the BeClan projects!