I’ve been debating changing my mobile for a while now. Not seriously, just pondering what I would change it to. My current phone is 2 years old and many of the buttons have started to become awkward to use. The battery is slowing showing signs of it’s age with a full change now only giving me 5 or 6 days of use rather than the 12-14 it used to. Problem is there isn;t aphone out there that I’d presently want to replace it with. I don’t want a camera, funky keypad, real audio ring tunes or any of the other “feature of the week” stuff that phones now seem to come festooned with. All they seem to do is reduce the battery life and make them more awkward to use.

Wired has a nice editorial about phones and draws some interesting comparisons between the wired network and the mobile phone market. I find myself agreeing with it’s author that the mobile phone market cannot survive in it’s current form.

I’l keep looking but presently one of the newer generation of smart phones seems to be my best bet, even though it’ll come with Symbian (I won’t touch wince) and all the bells & whistles I’ve been trying to avoid.