Yesterday afternoon I spent a fair bit of time hunting around looking for a deal whereby I’d get the same (or better) mobile deal with a phone thrown in for free. Once I’d done that I had to ring Vodafone to get the magic code from them that would allow me to transfer my existing phone number to the new network. Talking with the Vodafone guy he then offered to reduce my monthly package costs to a point where the cost of the phone (which he was adamant he couldn’t reduce) would be more than offset. The deal offered was good enough that I decided to stay with Vodafone so today I’m sitting with my sprackly new phone 🙂

First impressions are good. It looks good, is a reasonable size, the screen is bright and clear. getting the back off to insert my SIM card and battery wasn’t easy and I couldn’t find anything in their “Quick Setup Guide” to help. Inserting the RS-MMC card wasn’t easy either as the cover was stubbornly fixed in place to begin with. Once opened inserting the card was easy (it’s only 32M unlike the Nokia specs for the phone that specify 64M though). It also came with a stand with a 2nd video camera. This seems really good until you realise it doesn’t allow charging without plugging in a seperate cable, so it’s not nearly as useful as it might have been. Why don’t they think of these things?

I’ve removed the hideous Vodafone theme and now just have the default Nokia one, which is fine and not nearly as annoyingly red. I won’t have that much time to play with it more today but will hopefully find time over the next few days.