I don’t normally get involved in GUI code for BeOS, but from time to time I do need to do a few small things. Recently I’ve been using a replicant lodged into the deskbar to provide some needed functionality. It works well (despite being unbelievably basic at present) but when someone else built the project it didn’t work for them 🙁 I have always had an error message appearing in syslog about a missing mime signature, so wondering about whether this was the cause I decided to try and fix this today!

The replicant tutorial that Matt Henkel added to BeClan is a good starting point and was the inspiration for my efforts to correct the mime signature.

Thanks to tic and slaad in the #beclan IRC channel the file now has the correct setting added (as an attribute) by using the following command line in it’s Makefile.

/bin/settype -s ‘

Who knows, this might help someone else 🙂