When I put my desktop system together last year I bought many of the components from Scan, on the reccomendation of Thom. They proved to be cheap, helpful and above all they actually did what they said they would! It may not sound like much to get excited about, but it’s a rare quality these days.

The system has been suffering from odd, randomly spaced panics for quite some time now. It was suggested that the memory may well be the problem, so I ran memtest86 for a prolonged period. It did throw up a single fault in a little over 60 hours, so I called Scan today to investigate returning the memory to them. They answered the call after less than a minute, were polite and offered to replace it if their tests showed a problem without any prompting from me! That kind of service is very rare and very welcome!

I’m hopeful that they will confirm a fault in the memory as it would bring to a conclusion the problems the system has been suffering.

So, I’ll be without my desktop system for a few days while the memory wings its way to Scan to be checked and then (hopefully) replaced. Thankfully the laptop doesn’t have any such issues 🙂