When I first spoke to Scan they quoted me a 3 day turnaround, so when I posted the memory back to them last Monday I hoped that would mean that they’d dispatch last week and it’d arrive today – when I’m in and able to accept it. Sadly their excellent service didn’t quite extend this far and so they only dispatched the memory to me today, despite confirming to me on the phone they received it on the 22nd.

They’ve used Initial City Link as their courier. I’ve written before about how poor they are as a company and so as I won’t be here for the next few days I’m not even going to bother trying to arrange delivery for when I’m back as such simple instructions or requests are well beyond their abilities. Instead I’m resigned to finding one or more pieces of paper telling me they failed to deliver an item. I’ll then have to drive there as Friday will have passed their “we only ever attempt delivery twice” rule. Unless I drive to them they’ll simply return it as undeliverable after 2 weeks! Wow, such service.

Hopefully the return of the memory will mean that my desktop runs with no panics and I can finally enjoy the uptime I expect from FreeBSD.