The other day I was pointed to a screen shot of the latest project by a beos coder. Being a little curious I followed the link and found yet another scheduler project! Yes, that takes to 3 or 4 the number of scheduler projects that I’ve seen in development for BeOS. All of them are surprisingly similar

– 1 or 2 developers
– very similar feature sets
– very similar looks

So how many schedulers does BeOS need? Given that the business usage is almost non-existant I’m not sure that any are needed. If these projects were aimed more at individuals then that would be one thing, but from what I’ve seen (which isn’t much I’ll admit) they all seem to be focussed on the “sexier” aspects of schedulers – all of which are business/work oriented.

This is just the latest sign that the community still can’t act together. I’d wager that if all the projects were to work together the result would be far superior to anything they would produce apart (although the ego of at least one person involved would refuse to admit that!), but I don’t suppose we’ll ever know.

I had hoped that as more of the coders left university and moved on they would start to appreciate that working together was better than working apart, but that doesn’t seem to have happenned.