A friend saw the birth of his second child earlier this week and so I thought it might be nice to send that traditional gift – a cigar! It may be very old fashioned but as the person involved smokes anyway and I know he’s a little partial to a nice cigar, this seemed like an excellent plan. Of course I really only wanted a single cigar, not the huge boxes I initially found to order.

I did find a site that supplies singles, but they also have some very strange offers on their web site. I find it hard to believe that anyone would actually buy someone of these (1 2)
“Easter” specials. Last I checked the easter bunny wasn’t a smoker!

I eventually settled on a single Hoyo de Monterrey Especial Limited Edition cigar. When trying to order I was presented with one of the strangest online buying experiences ever! The site isn’t easy to use and entering addresses was a real pain. Hopefully what I entered will be enough to get the cigar to him though 🙂