In recent weeks the phone has started to exhibit some strange lock-ups. It happens when sending text messages and only on a 3G network. One solution is to switch the phone off and then on, but that seems a little clumbsy. It happens at random intervals and last time it happenned was just the other day. I rang Vodafone and checked that there weren’t any network problems (there weren’t any) and so I’m guessing it a problem with my phone. Driving out of 3G coverage into regular GSM coverage results in the messages being sent straight away, so it appears to be related to the 3G implementation.

The helpful woman at Vodafone told me that I should be able to upgrade the firmware on the phone myself (though it would invalidate my warranty) . The current firmware is 2.xx and the current seems to be 3.xx and I’ve seen suggestions that there is a new 4.xx version released. Vodafone seems to be sticking with the 2.xx version as it’s the one they’ve customised so if I do want to upgrade my firmware it’ll be to a non-Vodafone version (not a real problem I don’t think). I’m hopeful that upgrading the firmware will help with the problem which is a little annoying.