Been a while since I posted here. Funny how times goes by and you don’t realise it.

Last weekend went to see Linkin Park at the Pavillion in Houston’s Woodlands. They were superb and despite the mud (there was a LOT) and the very long day leading up to the concert (had just gotten to Houston from the UK) it was incredible.

I haven’t been saying much about coding recently, but I have been busy on a project that will hopefully be made public before long. It’s coming along well, though still quite a few bugs to iron out.

APR 1.0.0 will finally be rolled on Monday (when I get home from New York where I am at present) and that will bring to the end a long drawn out process. It’s been a very long drawn out process gettng through 6 release candidates but the finished product is better for it and will hopefully provide a stable platform for people to use.

The tutorial section on BeClan has been added by Matt and so anyone who has taken the time to scribble something that might be helpful should think about contributing it. It’d be nice to have a few more available.