So, now that I’ve gotten the tests at work out of the way I can start coding again 🙂

Taken some more photo’s with the Nikon D70 and the quality is as good as I’d hoped. Taking a while to get used to working with an SLR again after spending so long using a compact, but sure I’ll get there 🙂 So far uploaded 2 pictures of next doors cat, here and here. It’s taken me a while to get a skylight filter for the lens, so I haven’t been using it much. Finally got one yesterday so I can start using it a bit more.

Finally upgraded the old P2 300Mhz box into a P3 667Mhz one, with 768M ram and a 160Gb drive. It’s running Debian and is now installed in my cabinet in the garage! The photo below was taken with the D70 and as you can see I have plenty of room available 🙂 Next guest for the cabinet will be a new rackmount machine for Jetnet (eventually to act as the backup machine for kosh). I plan to configure it here and then ship it it’s final resting place once I figure out where that will be.

the cabinet